What is a Ghost?

Most paranormal groups answer this question with almost the same term. Ghost are the spirit or apparition - energy or soul of a person who has died and has somehow gotten stuck between this plane of existence and the next. With the most common response being that the spirit has died under traumatic, unusual or highly emotional time in their life forcing them to be stuck and unable to move on. Paranormal research is just that, it is the inquiring into the subject in order to discover the facts to back theories. This answer to what is ghost could be possibly will be answered only when we become one! There is a number of theories to what is a ghost is and what some people defines as a ghost below.

Webster's Dictionary defines a Ghost as: ?The disembodied spirit of a dead person imagined as wandering among or haunting the living.?

The American Heritage Dictionary of The English Language defines a Ghost as: ?The spirit of a dead person, supposed to haunt living persons or former habitats: specter: phantom: wraith?

Microsoft Encata Encyclopedia 2000 defines a Ghost as: ?Ghost, non-material embodiment or essence of an organism, especially of a human being. The term is sometimes used virtually as a synonym for soul or spirit, and in the Christian religion, in the form of Holy Ghost (now, more often named, Holy Spirit). It has a specialized meaning. Most frequently, however, the term Ghost is applied to an apparition, usually of a dead human, that varies in apparent solidity from a more fog like mass to a perfect replica of the person.?

A wraith, in contrast, is the visible spirit of a human still alive. A doppelganger is a special form of wraith that makes its appearance at a time when the physical body of a subject is observed at some distant place.

In many religions, and particularly in primitive faiths, the belief exists that the spirit wanders away from the body during periods of unconsciousness such as sleep. Such religions also teach that after death the spirit lingers near the body of the dead human. A common practice of religious groups holding such beliefs is to propitiate the Ghost of the dead by offerings of food, clothing, and other objects that a Ghost may find useful in the spirit world. In many primitive civilizations personal possessions of a dead man including his weapons, pets, and sometimes even his wife, are buried or burned with his body. The practice of ancestry worship, as well as, the mourning rites of many modern civilizations, could have originated in the belief in Ghosts.

Richard Southall in his book How to be a Ghost Hunter Hand Book defines a Ghost. ?Ghost: A recording of one or more persons or objects that had either a repetitious routine or a very intense emotional experience. This recording is not sentient, but rather simply something that plays over and over, gradually losing energy over time. The recording can be recharged under certain circumstances, such as the appearance of certain individuals.


What is Telekinesis?

Webster's Dictionary defines Telekinesis as: ?The purported ability to move inanimate objects by mental power.? __________________________________________________________________________

What is Paranormal?

The American Heritage Dictionary Of the English Language defines Paranormal as: "Beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation.?

What is a Haunting?

Webster's Dictionary defines a Haunting as: ?Remaining in the consciousness; not quickly forgotten.?

What is a Spirit?

Webster's Dictionary defines a Spirit as: ?1. The animating principle of life, esp. of humans.  2. The incorporeal part of humans, esp. the mind or soul.?





What is a Specter?

The American Heritage Dictionary Of The English Language defines a Specter as: ?A ghost, Phantom, Apparition.?





What is an Apparition?

The American Heritage Dictionary Of The English Language defines an Apparition as: ?1. A ghostly figure specter.  2. A sudden or unusual sight.?





What is a Phantom?

The American Heritage Dictionary Of The English Language defines a Phantom as: ?1. Something apparently seen, heard, or sensed, but having no physical reality: ghost: Specter. 2. An image that appears only in the mind.  Also phantom: Unreal: Ghost like.?





What is a Parapsychology?

The American Heritage Dictionary Of The English Language defines Parapsychology as: ?The study of phenomena such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and psycho kinesis that are not explainable by known natural laws.?





What is an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena)?

The study of EVPs is defined as Electronic voice phenomena; which are speech or speech-like sounds believed by EVP researchers to be of paranormal origin. They are detected on electronic recording media, such as a digital voice recorder.  While the sounds are not present at the time of the recording, they are detected upon playback. They are typically brief, usually the length of one word or short phrase, and are at times said as direct response to questions asked by an investigator.  EVP have been observed in a multitude of media devices, including but not limited to radio, short-wave radio ham radios, television, tape recorders, digital voice recorders, and video recorder.  Typically an investigator records using audio recording devices and audio recording computer software.





What is an EMF (Electromagnetic Field)?

Most manufacturers and Webster's Dictionary defines EMF as: In our electrified world, we are commonly exposed to a mixture of EMF Electromagnetic Field types and frequencies. By creating an environment where a human or animal is exposed to an electromagnetic field some researchers believe that paranormal activity could become more active, however, electrical sensitivity can take many forms.  Some humans and animals are more sensitive to electrical and/or magnetic fields, or even radio frequencies.  A truly electrical sensitive person will know after only a short exposure to one of each of these field types which would be the culprit.  Researchers believe that a person affected by one of these types of fields could believe that he/she is seeing what he/she believe is a Ghost or believe that their home is haunted.  Other symptoms a highly sensitive person might experience are nausea, headaches, hallucinations, skin sensitivities, and more.   





What is a Poltergeist?

Webster's Dictionary defines a Poltergeist as: ?A spirit that manifests its presence by noises, knocking, etc.?





What is an Orb?

An orb is believed to be energy that is natural which is all around us, many feel it is not actually Ghost activity, but such energy could be used to help a Ghost make it self known.  A Ghost could use this energy to help move an object or create an EVP (described above). It is unknown what type of energy is used to create an orb.  Orbs can be caught on photographs, video recorders, or possibly EMF detectors.  The human eye can be fooled.  There may be other things that may appear as an orb in a photograph or video.  These could be water vapors, bugs, and even dust. You must fully understand orbs before being able to call something a true orb. 





What is the Soul?

Microsoft Encata Encyclopedia 2000 defines Soul as: ?1. Soul, in many religions and philosophies, the immaterial element that, together with the material body, constitutes the human individual. In general, the soul is conceived as an inner, vital, and spiritual principle, the source of all bodily functions and particularly of mental activities. Belief in some kind of soul that can exist apart from the body is found in all known cultures. In many contemporary non-literate societies, human beings are said to have several souls?sometimes as many as seven?localized in different parts of the body and having diverse functions. Disease is frequently explained as "soul-loss," which can occur, for example, when witches steal the soul or even evil spirits capture it.?

In the East, belief in a human soul is central to several philosophical and religious systems. For example, in early Hinduism the soul or self (Atman) was considered to be the principle that controls all activities and defines one's self-identity and consciousness. The philosophical Hindu writings, the Upanishads, identify the Atman with the divine (Brahman), adding an eternal dimension to the soul.  Bound up with matter, the human soul is caught in the cycle of reincarnation until it achieves purification and knowledge and merges once again with ultimate reality.  Buddhism is unique in the history of religions due to its teachings that an individual soul is an illusion produced by various psychological and physiological influences. Thus, it has no conception of a soul or self that can survive death.

In most parts of the world and in most religions humans believe in some kind of life after death.





What is a Wraith?

Microsoft Encata Encyclopedia 2000 defines a  Wraith as: ?A Wraith is the supposed ghost of a dead person, or any ghostly and insubstantial apparition. Synonym for ghost, phantom, apparition, spirit, specter, shade.?


What is a Ghoul?

Webster's Dictionary defines a Ghoul as: ?an evil demon believed to rob graves, prey on corpses.?

What is an Elemental? 

Webster's Dictionary defines an Elemental as: ?1. of or being an element 2. starkly simple, primitive, or basic: elemental emotions.?


What is an Incubus or Succubus?

Webster's Dictionary defines Incubus as: ?An evil spirit supposed to descend upon sleeping persons. Its something that oppresses one like a nightmare.?

The Incubus and succubus (plural: incubi and succubi) are demons in the form of male and female humans (respectively) who lie upon sleepers in order to have sexual intercourse with them. They do this to produce incubus/succubus offspring.  Repeated attacks by them apparently result in extreme fatigue, illness and eventually even death.  But are these really supernatural attacks or do they have a more 'down-to-earth' scientific cause?

 What is a Lepke?

Its a manifestation that has the appearance of a solid, living person who may even interact or converse with someone, then suddenly vanish. There has been a number of people who has seen such ghost.




What is the Witching or Devil's Hour's?

There is two type's of hours known to the paranormal investigator, the first one comes from the European folklore called the witching hour. This is the time when supernatural creatures are at their most powerful, such as witches, demons or ghost. It is said that black magic is most effective at this time. The time is typically midnight, but can refer to midnight or any late hour up to 3am, but not later. The Devil's Hour or also called the Demon Hour, refers to the time around 3am to 4am. This time is believed to be when the boundaries between our world and that which lies beyond can allow it to be cross over.





There is no interaction with the viewer and the ghost goes about without the appearance of knowing that someone is viewing them. Usually the ghost appear as person but can sometimes be a group of people, and animal or any non living thing. They stay in same location replaying the same event over and over usually on some rhythmic cycle or pattern. It is sometime hard to known when this patterns or time is. With the appearance sometimes electrical or environment interference can occur. This interference and sometimes can be compared to a video recording that plays over and over again.



"Dybbuk" is an abbreviation of dibbuk ("a cleavage of an evil spirit"), which is found in man. "Dybbuk" comes from the Hebrew word which means the act of sticking from the root, which means cling. The term was first used in a number of 16th century writings. Earlier accounts of possession were given by Josephus, of a demonic possession rather by just a ghosts. In the Jewish folklore, it is a popular belief an evil spirit which enters into a living person, attach itself to a soul, causes mental illness, use the attached person?s mouth to speak, and represents a separate and alien personality other than the attached personality. At first, the dibbuk was considered to be a devil or a demon which entered the body of a sick person. Later, an explanation more common among other peoples were added, namely that some of the dibbukim are the spirits of dead persons who were not laid to rest and thus became known as a demon. Jewish disciples contain many stories and "protocols" about the exorcism of dibbukim. Numerous manuscripts present detailed instructions on how to exorcise them. Exorcism is known and has been used in a number of religions but most are done behind closed doors.

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